Sunday, March 4, 2018

Best Cruise Ever!

Clearly I have not posted in a while. With prep for vacation, vacation, and then recovery from vacation, there just was not enough time. But it was worth it because we had the best cruise ever! And I can say that even though the waters were really rough the first two days. The cruise director was amazing. She had so much energy that she just wrapped you in her excitement and we could not resist joining in on everything. We went to every party, and didn't just watch -- we participated! Michael even one a trophy for competing in a dance off!

The whole vacation was just perfect. We went down to Florida a day early and stayed in a lovely hotel. The room was huge and had free breakfast that was quite extensive. Free coffee all day long! Plus we got a discount for Bonefish Grill (one of our favorite restaurants) so we got a free order of Bang Bang Shrimp (our favorite appetizer)! And the shuttle service from airport, to port, to airport was included and wonderful!

And I got some stitching done. Started and finished a bib for my coworker who is due in June. So happy to be done and not worrying about getting this done in time :-)

Then started back on Ellen Maurer-Stroh's August Flower of the Month. I had done really well with this series a few years ago and got all the way through July. Then... I don't know what happened. I decided to start August and I am enjoying it so much, my goal for this year is to finish the series. 

Need to work on some of the little letter motifs for the sachets for my coworkers, but I just can't put this down. I'm so close to a finish I need to work on this for one more week.  

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  1. Sounds as if the cruise was just what you needed. Lovely stitching your co-worker will love your gift.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time away. I love the bib, those animals are so cute!