Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May Updates

May has been a difficult month for me. My mom has been diagnosed with lymphoma so we have been going from test to test trying to determine exactly what type it is. Needless to say, very stressful. In addition, we had a major flood in the dining room, and there is now a lovely design element of three holes in the ceiling. The cat became extremely sick and ended up in the vet for 5 days. At one point it was really looking like she might not make it. And then the first floor toilet stopped flushing.

Through it all I just kept stitching on my mobile projects. I think my stitching is the only thing that has kept me somewhat sane. Especially while waiting for my mom to come out of the biopsy surgery, just being able to force myself to concentrate on the stitching stopped my mind from running wild with the things that could (but didn't) go wrong. At the end of the day, an hour or two of stitching has pushed all the bad thoughts out of my mind and let me get to sleep.

Unfortunately, since I have been staying at my mom's quite a bit, I have not been able to get too much done on my BAP Lobo, but even so, slowly but surely, he develops. Starting to see the emergence of the second ear...

I was able to make some nice progress on my Woodland Rabbit. Still feeling good about a late July or early August finish. Love the way the flowers are turning out. Just generally having fun with this project.
I am very happy to report that I was able to finish the baby bib I wanted to give my coworker at her baby shower at the middle of the month. I just started another one for another coworker who's shower is at the middle of this month. I must find different patterns. Although I really think this came out well and is super cute, I don't want to keep stitching the same design over and over, and there is no end in sight to women getting pregnant. LMAO!
I am also very happy to report that I am actually a little ahead of my anticipated schedule for the Flower of the Month SAL. I finished March! All ready to start April once the second bib is done.
And now my plan for June...
1- Finish the second bib during the first two weeks of the month
2- Start the April flower during the third week of the month
3- Get another week of work in on the rabbit during the fourth week of the month
4- Work on the birth announcement I started in March during the last few days of the month.