Sunday, March 4, 2018

Best Cruise Ever!

Clearly I have not posted in a while. With prep for vacation, vacation, and then recovery from vacation, there just was not enough time. But it was worth it because we had the best cruise ever! And I can say that even though the waters were really rough the first two days. The cruise director was amazing. She had so much energy that she just wrapped you in her excitement and we could not resist joining in on everything. We went to every party, and didn't just watch -- we participated! Michael even one a trophy for competing in a dance off!

The whole vacation was just perfect. We went down to Florida a day early and stayed in a lovely hotel. The room was huge and had free breakfast that was quite extensive. Free coffee all day long! Plus we got a discount for Bonefish Grill (one of our favorite restaurants) so we got a free order of Bang Bang Shrimp (our favorite appetizer)! And the shuttle service from airport, to port, to airport was included and wonderful!

And I got some stitching done. Started and finished a bib for my coworker who is due in June. So happy to be done and not worrying about getting this done in time :-)

Then started back on Ellen Maurer-Stroh's August Flower of the Month. I had done really well with this series a few years ago and got all the way through July. Then... I don't know what happened. I decided to start August and I am enjoying it so much, my goal for this year is to finish the series. 

Need to work on some of the little letter motifs for the sachets for my coworkers, but I just can't put this down. I'm so close to a finish I need to work on this for one more week.  

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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Finally Healthy

I feel like Michael and I have been sick for the last three months. Each time one of us got over whatever we had, the other one started getting sick. This week, I finally started really feeling better after having the flu, and Michael started getting a runny nose 😟 We've recently been introduced to essential oils, so I was rubbing oils on his feet and on his chest before he went to sleep. Don't know if they helped, but he never got fully sick, and we are both finally feeling well ( for two days - but hey).

I was also trying to keep him well because Friday night was our annual dinner dance with my business organization. We had reserved a hotel room near the venue so we could spend a quiet day together and not have to drive home after the dinner. In the end, we had a wonderful time. We even got a room on the 42nd floor so we had a really nice view of the Freedom Tower (picture didn't come out well though). The only thing I have to remember for the future -- when you are that high up it takes a long time for the water to get hot for a shower!

We had a great time at the dance! I think we clean up pretty well. Ha ha.

In terms of stitching this week, I made some nice progress on my Tulip Bouquet, especially considering that Friday night is usually my main evening for stitching.

Hoping to get another Lazy Daisy letter done this week, but mostly I need to spend time in the evenings kitting up some projects to work on during our cruise. I can't believe that we are leaving in just 12 days! I don't want to take too much, but I want to make sure I have enough to work on when we are lounging on deck.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018


This week has revolved around the flu. Yes, in spite of the shot, I got the flu. I woke up Monday not feeling well, and by the time I went home from work I was running a high fever. Luckily I was able to call the doctor and start Tamiflu early Tuesday. By Thursday I was well enough to get back to work. But Tuesday, I was down for the count. By the time I got back to work, other's were out. It is a bad one this year! Try to stay healthy and get to your doctor as soon as you feel sick.

Since I wasn't feeling great, we decided to stay in on Friday, and I was able to join the Friday Night Off the Grid Stitch In. I finished my Mouse Card #5 by Durene Jones...

And started a new small Lazy Daizy K.

Unfortunately, yesterday morning we got word that Michael's cousin passed away. We spent a quiet day together and then Michael just wanted time for himself. So I ended up with another evening free to stitch. I was happy to have the time, but would have preferred a happier reason for having it. The time did allow me to finish the piece though.

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Very Stressful Week - Not Much Stitching

This was a pretty difficult week. On Tuesday I was working from home, and at the end of the day my boss calls to tell me our section administrator's husband was in the hospital. He had been found unresponsive, they resuscitated, but they had no idea if there was any brain damage. We all tried visiting the hospital, giving her as much support as possible, but on Thursday the word came through that a CT Scan determined there was no brain activity. They will be removing the ventilator and donating his organs this evening. Please pray or send your positive energy. She really needs it right now. Honestly, I think we all do.

As a result of the above, I did not get as much stitching done this week as I might have wanted to. But I did get some work done, and every stitch counts.

And now it's back to my smalls for a week. Hoping to finish my Mouse Card and then at least one more letter so I can make a few more sachets.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Feeling Very Crafty

Now for those of you who are crafters, try not to laugh too hard. I am so impressed by so many of you and a few of my other friends who are DYIers and make presents, etc. that I decided I would try the same. I thought I would start by making some greeting cards with my small stitching projects. Then I thought, how about turning some of my smalls into sachets. Watched a bunch of YouTube videos, and...

I feel really proud of these little sachets, but I really feel good about my sewing. I noticed today that I am keeping the seams much straighter than previously. The only thing I'm still having trouble with is the start and end of each seam. When I go in reverse, to secure the ends, I seem to cause some tightening and bunching of the stitches. I'll figure it out.

I was also able work on the fifth of my Mouse Cards.

Not a bad week for me.

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Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year - The Stitching Resolution

Happy New Year everyone!

Two weeks ago when I made the pillow for my coworker, I felt so good about the product. I really felt like I had produced something. Not just the cross stitch piece, but the final finished product. I decided right then and there that I needed to put a little more effort into making time for my stitching. I started cross stitching as a means of relaxing and producing some emotional health, and just like anything else (diet, exercise), I have to make time for it to actually produce the effect I am looking for.

So, this last week I spent at least one hour a day with my stitching and finished three small stitching projects.

Washed everything yesterday, and the plan now is to finish them off as sachet bags for my friends next weekend. This was in addition to the other small project I made this week for the 2017 Smalls SAL run by Heather at Stitching Lotus. You can get all the information about the 2018 SAL here.

For last week I've started work on another of Durene Jones' Mouse Cards. I love what they look like when they are done, but I'm still not enjoying the stitching. It's the 'frame' that I don't enjoy. It looks great, so I won't leave it off, but I don't enjoy it. So, although the original plan was to make the whole set of 6, I'm stopping after this fifth one. Not too far after one day...

Today I'm going to get my stitching in while we watch TV. A few years ago I was not feeling my best after our New Year's Eve party, if you know what I mean. So we spent the day in and happened across the Winter Classic, a hockey game played outside, like it used to be. We enjoyed watching it so much it became our New Year's Day tradition. We make no plans except to be in the house and watch the game. Today is going to be a really good one as the temperature here, where the game is being played, is in the teens. This is hockey like it was played in the past; CLASSIC!

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Monday, December 25, 2017

Sick for the Holidays

It's funny, a few weeks ago we were talking at work about how I was the only person in our group who didn't take off sick all year. The few days I was sick, I went in anyway because I had so much work to do, and I never felt that I was so sick I couldn't go to work.

Well, I guess I was just waiting for the Christmas holidays to get sick. 😢😢 I had a headache for a few day, and yesterday I started getting a stuffy nose and a sore throat. Called the doctor and he said the flu is everywhere and the shot this year is proving to be almost totally ineffective. Gave me Tamiflu and Prednisone, and told me I am contagious through the holiday.

Well, at least I'll get some stitching done.

Last week my husband was sick, so I spent the weekend stitching as well. I finished this month's small, but I'll wait to post the picture until next weekend for the Smalls SAL check in.

I was also able to finish off a project I made for my coworker. I finished the stitching a few weeks ago...

And last weekend I was able to finish it off into a pillow. I was really pleased with the improvement in my sewing. The seams were much straighter, and I just felt a lot better about how this one came out.

Once I finished that I went back to work on Tulip Bouquet. The whole top half is now finished except for the backstitching...

so I'm taking a break from it and working on another small project for the rest of the holiday weekend. Thinking I might even finish it!

Well, happy holidays to all of you. I hope everyone enjoys going out and visiting with family and friends. Remember is the family and friends that is the best gifts of all. Thank you for visiting!