Sunday, March 26, 2017

Week in Florida and March WIPocalypse Post

Okay, I am officially in love with Disney World! I wish we could have spent more time in the parks Overall we had a good vacation. It could have been a lot better, but still trying to be positive, it could have been worse. We had wonderful weather... Not too hot, not humid at all, only one day with rain or even the threat of rain. Definitely positives.

We also learned a lot about what to do next time to get more bang for our buck and more time to have fun. We went with friends who had purchased a week in a timeshare so we had to rent a car, which is VERY expensive in Florida. We would definitely stay in one of the Disney resorts next time and get a park-hopper package and a food package. But since they payed for the timeshare, we didn't have to spend any money on lodging, only the car. So it was a definite positive.

They also had a friend with a son who works for Disney, so we got into Epcot for free one day. Certainly a positive! 

And this is our new friend Joann. We immediately hit it off and enjoyed our time with her so much. Positive, positive, positive!

Did I mention how much we enjoyed Epcot and Magic Kingdom!? My mother never would have believed that I would wear mouse ears all day in public. But I did, for three days! As soon as we entered the park and saw other people with the ears, I just felt the magic! 

And then I got to meet Tinkerbell, and Rapunzel, and Elsa and Anna, and Snow White! SNOW WHITE!!!!

We also saw so many cool birds. One of my favorites was this guy who visited us during one of our lunches at the parks.

So, in my efforts to be positive, I am not going to post about the negatives of the trip. Instead, I am going to mention that on the days that were not so wonderful, I got some stitching done. Got to work on a second small for the month, so the positive of the negative days, is that I am back on track to make 12 smalls for cards this year. Should be able to finish this in the next day or two.

One more positive to share. With our vacation and the time needed to prepare for it, I did not get to work on my BAP WIPocalypse, Lobo, every day. But the positive is that on the days I did have time to work on it, I got in more than my 50 stitch minimum goal. So since the last check in I got in a total of 1470 stitches. And that positive makes me very happy. Here's where I was...

And here is where I am now...

Do you see that eye starting to form? Makes me happy. And the steady progress makes me feel positive about this BAP. And here is a link for more information about the WIPocalypse SAL that is hosted by the wonderful Measi.

Well, thank you for visiting. I guess I have to deal with one negative... must prepare to go back to work tomorrow. Boo! But the DH and I are already talking about planning our next trip down to Disney, so I leave with that positive thought to look forward to :-)

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Birthday Weekend

We started my birthday weekend by getting our hair cut and then going out to eat dinner. We had a really nice time.

Yesterday morning we went to 'our' diner for breakfast and they had my favorite - Nutella and Banana Stuffed French Toast!

From there we went home and opened my birthday present to myself, a jigsaw puzzle. Not sure this was really a smart idea as it took us three sortings through all the pieces to find almost all of the pieces for the frame. Still missing two pieces. They better be in there!

We went out for an early dinner and then watched some TV which gave me the chance to finally get some stitching in on my Small for the month. Really want to finish this before we go to Florida next weekend.

It's so funny, Annie responded to a previous post and said she thinks we are all a little crazy because we think about everything in terms of how much it will affect our stitching time. She was so right... with respect to me at least! I am so excited about my first trip to Disney, and yet I keep thinking...

...will I get my Small done in time
...I'm losing a week of work on Lobo I bringing enough stitching with me for the trip?

Definitely a little crazy!

Tomorrow is my actual birthday, so I decided to take the day off. Everyone kept asking what my plans were. My plans are to relax, and do what I like to do best, with no interruptions. So I will be stitching and watching TV.

Thanks fro visiting!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Positively Getting Older

I am forcing myself to post something positive. Thinking if I see it in writing, maybe I will believe it a feel it. My co-workers took me out to lunch today for my upcoming birthday. I picked a diner that some of them have gone to in the past and raved about. I was really excited, and totally ready to cheat on my diet. They were sitting in the office, looking at the menu, and mentioning so many things... I was definitely having curly fries! I cannot remember the last time I had curly fries and they were going on about how great they are.

The diner forgot about our reservation, so we couldn't sit together, and since that defeated the whole purpose of going out together, we went to a different restaurant. I didn't get my curly fries, and ended up cheating on my diet for something that wasn't even very good.

But the reason we had the problem was because there were so many of us. Most of the time 5 or 6 people go out for someone's birthday. There were 10 of us today. And I should be really thankful that everyone in my department took the time to celebrate with me. So I am really trying to focus on that aspect of the day and feel positive. But I could use some help cause I'm actually feeling rather defeated.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Just a Quick Update

Finally finished off another few cats and mice on my Friendly Felines.

Improvements to the mass transit system  are enabling me to get home earlier which is a great thing. The unfortunate side effect, however, is that I end up on a more crowded LIRR train, and I need to transfer. So the daily 45 minutes of 'travel' stitching I was getting into this project is not daily anymore. I have to take a moment and figure out how to regain at least some of that stitchy time.

I also lost an evening of stitching on Lobo this week, but also for a good reason. My cousin asked me to come see her swim meet against the team's main rival. She wanted us to bring the team good luck. So, of course, we changed all our plans to be there. The experience reminded me why I didn't have children -- Ha, ha! We had to wait in the cold for 30 minutes before we could stampede into the pool area and push and shove to get a seat. The girls' screaming was deafening, so some of the mothers actually bring earplugs! Holy @#$%! This is fun? But she swam great in her leg of her race and her team won. Then the team won the meet which was the first time her team won against this team since she has been swimming.

From there the whole team met up at a local ice cream shop. Did I mention small ice cream shop. Still screaming! OMG!! Yes, we promised we would be at the championships... We love her! At least that will be in a bigger facility.

Well, that was my week. Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

February WIPocalypse and TUSAL Updates

Good Morning! So it's time for the WIPocalypse SAL, TUSAL, and Smalls SAL Updates. As you might guess from the title of my post, I have not completed this month's small project. In fact, I have totally failed and I haven't even started it! Ha, ha! Oh well, there is always next month.

I did, however, get a lot of work done on my BAP, Lobo, for the WIPocalypse SAL hosted by Measi. You can find more information here. My goal for the year is to get at least 50 stitches in a day. Well, a number of things (including a great weekend away) stopped me from working on this everyday, but in the days I did work on it I was able to get almost 2000 stitches in! So, I'm actually very happy with my progress.

Here's where I started...

And here is where I left off last night...

So glad I  have started working on this again! It's slow going, but I see the progress and it is making me happy.

Since I have been working on Lobo, my collection of ORTs has grown. I've also gotten in a few hours of stitching while watching TV, therefore, that collection has grown a little too. So, here is this month's entry to the TUSAL. This is a fun SAL hosted by Daffycat which you can get more information about here.

I've also gotten some work done on my Friendly Felines. My goal is to complete the stitching on this by the end of March. Not sure if I will meet that goal, especially since we are taking a week long trip to Florida during the month, and I'm thinking there will not be a minute available for stitching during that trip. But it's good having a goal.. so that's mine for March.

In non-stitching news, we spent a wonderful day with an old colleague and current friend. We had breakfast at our favorite diner, the Mineola Diner... So happy we found this place when we moved to Long Island...

Then we went to Fire Island...

 in hopes of seeing some deer...

Then off to a local craft brewery for a flight...

And finally a sushi dinner, which was so good I forgot to take a picture. Ha ha.

Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Weekend in Lancaster

We spent this last weekend in Lancaster, PA. I cannot even think of anything that was not positive. I guess the only down side of the weekend was that I have not had time to work on Lobo for almost a week. Between getting home late due to train problems, packing to go away, and then being away, there just was no time. But it's okay, because we had such a great time!

The weather was ridiculous nice! We spent the whole day outside on Saturday. Mostly walking around shopping malls and just enjoying the weather.

Sunday we went to the Turkey Hill Experience. It was such a fun place and we got tons of free ice cream and ice tea samples. Michael was such a trooper letting me take silly pictures of him. 

We also got a few good pictures!

The Bed and Breakfast we stayed at was so wonderful... the hosts were so friendly. I felt more like an old friend visiting than a guest. They made three amazing breakfasts.

And the other guests were so friendly, we hit it off immediately! Michael and I were talking about how nice it would be if we could plan with them and go back for the same weekend next year. Well, on the last morning they asked us if we would like to try to stay in touch and come back again. I was so happy that they felt the same way.

And, oh, yes, we did a bunch of shopping and got some great deals!

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend! 

Thursday, February 16, 2017


I want to share a few of my happy moments that have occurred over the last few day. A co-worker asked me to lunch to 'discuss some things.' She told me that she was voicing concerns with another co-worker, and was told, "You should talk to Desiree. You can trust Desiree. Everyone trusts Desiree." I was so happy to know that people do realize they can trust me.

Yesterday, the LIRR train was very crowded again. I try not to always disturb the same person when I get on. Let one guy have the two seater to himself one day, let the other guy have the two seater to himself the next day. But as I was walking past guy #1, he reached out, grabbed my bag, and pulled me to sit next to him.

And the last happy moment of the last few days was a really positive interaction with my boss. Too long to get into, but she was really nice, wanted to explain her actions, and complimented me along the way.

Well, now we are off to a long weekend away. Unfortunately, we have to start with a funeral tomorrow, but after that it is three days in Lancaster, PA! Let the relaxation begin!