Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fabric of the Month Club

Yes, I did it. I signed up for a Fabric of the Month Club. But I chose the quarterly delivery, so its not as bad as it could be. The rationalization that went on in my head was quite interesting.

First, I realized that the 14 count Aida that I stocked up on would be used up by the end of the year for the Flower of the Month SAL. In fact, I'll need a few more pieces. I had been considering changing to different types of fabrics for the different months, but my anal-retentive disorder kicked in and wouldn't let that consideration continue. So that was the fight against joining. And it was going quite well.

BTW, here's my progress on the Flower of Month SAL. January was finished and February has a pretty good start on it.

Then someone posted about a Snowman SAL. A SNOWMAN SAL!!? I love snowmen. When we bought our house we had no decorations for any holidays. We started going to yard sales, tag sales, and we focused on getting holiday decorations. We would come home and stick them in the attic, so I never really saw how many we were accumulating. When Christmas came and we brought down the decorations I was shocked to see over 20 snowmen! I have a weak spot for snowmen...

I'm sure you can guess that the battle not to join another SAL, which I have no time for, did not last long. But, then the question, what fabric to use? Well, join the Fabric of the Month Club! One of the fabrics that arrive between now and when you are ready to actually stitch the snowmen will be perfect. And even better, you will have other fabrics ready for all the other charts you are finding in magazines, on websites, etc. (Oh yes, the stash of charts is growing exponentially). And then the kicker for joining, I can decide which project to start next based on what fabric I have and which project it will work best for.

And I will have to make a decision kind of soon, as I am making good progress on my Woodland Rabbit.


  1. Hi
    How are you gone finish off the flowers ?
    Rabbit is looking pretty
    Do you have a link for the snowmen sal ?
    I really would love to take a peeck at it
    Wish you a lovely monday

  2. Hi Esmeralda,
    The snowman SAL is an Ursula Michael through Facebook. You can ask to join the Let's Stitch Ursula Michael group. Once you are accepted you will see the instructions for joining the SAL in the post pinned at the top of the group page. It is a very pretty pattern. If you like snowmen I think you will like it.