Sunday, May 3, 2015

What next!?

I sincerely thought I had everything figured out.

The first and third week of the month I would work on the Flower of the Month SAL. Since they are taking me about two months each to finish, this will last me through 2016.

Here's my February finish and the start of March.

The second and fourth week of the month are dedicated to an alternate project. Currently, this is the Woodland Rabbit, which I anticipated I would finish by July or August.

Here is my latest update.

The evenings are dedicated to my HAED which needs good light and complete attention, not to mention my new Needleworks 4 lapstand that just arrived today!

But at the end of last month I realized, sometimes there are extra days in a month. Do I dedicate those to the FOTM or the rabbit? How questions such as this one became so life altering, I have no idea.

Anyway, after some thought, I decided the extra days would go to starting the next project that would take the place of Woodland Rabbit, and so I started a birth announcement for a good friend. I plan to give her the finished project for the baby's first birthday. I knew there were two women at work who are pregnant, but at the time I thought I had plenty of time to get their presents done before their baby showers.

And then my boss sent out an e-mail... "Let's have Alison's baby shower May 15th." Hmm, I think that means I need one of those bibs I bought last month done by May 15th! So I decided to substitute the bib for the rabbit the last week of the April. Clearly it is not done. I need another week

So the question remains, what next? Should I go back to my FOTM for the first full week of the month and finish the bib the next week, finish the bib and skip a week of the flower, finish the bib then do the flower the second and third week of the month? Does anyone else find themselves in these types of situations? Almost paralysed by indecision. So many projects, so little time!?


  1. Hi Desiree
    I allso make everymonth a list of wips wich i want to work on
    Devide the time between them
    Normally i rotate every week so i work on 4 different wips a week long and the rest of the mont i choose wich i would love to work the most on
    This month i only work on the ones who are close to finish to get some really finished soon
    Love your wips esp. The haed one :)
    Esmeralda from Holland

  2. Esmeralda,
    I like the way you think. Decide what to work on at the beginning of the month, so only 12 decisions needed a year :-)
    I do love my HAED, but I am such a slow stitcher. I really hope the frame speeds me up. I think it will. It seemed to the other day.
    Thanks so much for visiting!