Sunday, July 5, 2015

Thinking About My Stitching

I've spent a lot of time thinking this month about a lot of different things. One of those things has been my stitching. Now 1.5 years into counted cross-stitch and I am suddenly really noticing a great improvement in the quality of my work. I know I have to thank the forums and groups that I've joined and the blogs that I've been reading. So many ideas! And I've been trying them all. Some have not worked out too well, others have led to the improved stitching and a greater enjoyment.

When I first found the forums I remember seeing the beautiful work done 2 over 2 on high count fabric. I also noticed that a lot of people would buy a kit, but then substitute a different fabric from their stash. It seemed ridiculous at the time -- it's a kit, why would you not just use what was in the kit? Then I started seeing the different fabrics! There is a lot more out there than what AC Moore sells.

I traveled to Silkweaver's Fabric store to see the selection for myself, and although I wasn't sure if I would be able to stitch 2 over 2, I couldn't stop myself from purchasing a number of 28 count pieces of fabric. The colors were just so beautiful. Well, this month I took the plunge. I decided to take one out and try stitching 2 over 2. I may never go back to 14 count Aida and I fully understand why you would substitute your own fabric for the fabric in a kit. I certainly will if I buy another kit in the future.

So here is my latest start on 28 ct, 2 over 2!

Started the April Flower of the Month, Sweet Pea. Wishing I had started this on the blue fabric as well.

Got another week of work in on Woodland Rabbit

And finally finished page 4 of Lobo. Only 23 to go, LOL

My stitching plans for the month of July...
First and third week work on the Flower of the Month SAL
Second and fourth week work on Woodland Rabbit (hoping to finish at least the cross-stitching, and only have backstitching left for an August finish)


  1. Your lobo looks great in what kind of fabric do you stitch it ?
    Love that tiny foot :)
    Well done to your nearly finish at the rabbit
    Your sweet pea looks greatcon blue fabric
    Look forward to see your finished rabbit
    Greetings from holland

  2. My Lobo is on 28ct Evenweave that I purchased in AC Moore. It was all they had other than 14ct. I hope to finish my rabbit soon! It is truly a labor of love as I am making it for my young cousin, whom I love very much. Thank you for your comments! Enjoy Holland! I was lucky enough to spend two weeks there many years ago, and still remember its incredible beauty!