Sunday, May 21, 2017

Two New Friends

After the unfortunate start I had on my new project, Marriage Recipe, last week, I am happy to report it has been progressing nicely since. I've maintained my 'morning interlude' (as Annie called it) and I have definitely found that it kept me a little calmer during a very difficult week. Additionally, on the really bad days I added in a 'lunch interlude'. When things get stressed I tend to work while I'm eating, so this made me actually completely stop work, look away from the computer, and relax for about 15 minutes.

I've also been stitching this piece differently. I usually start a color and finish all the stitching in that color within my frame and only then move on to the next color. For this piece, I've been stitching one thread of color at a time. I think I like this method a little better, definitely for this project with the very small count.

My husband is feeling better. I'm happy that he decided to go to a back specialist' to get a better idea of what is wrong and how to prevent it in the future. They have prescribed physical therapy. This is what I was hoping for, but I didn't want to say anything, because if it was my idea it would not have been a good one. Since the doctor suggested it... Well, you know how some men are.

Lobo is also coming along well. I'll post my monthly picture with my WIPocalypse post later this week. I was really excited about getting a lot of stitching in this weekend, but then we decided to go to a cat shelter and find a new furbaby. Ended up with two... Betty... 

and Teddy... 

Poor things are a little scared right now, so rather than stitching up in the bedroom, I decided to sit in the living room and watch TV and hopefully make them feel more secure, and let them get to know my scent. Betty has come out and has even come up on the couch to sit with us, but any noise or movement that is too fast, and she's gone. Teddy has not been seen since coming out of the box. We can just make out a bit of his fur under the couch. These things take time.

Well, that's all for now. Thank you for visiting!

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  1. Two cute new friends, they are adorable. Your new piece looks like it is coming along nicely, I hope your "new way" of stitching will be better for you.