Sunday, June 11, 2017

A Positive Week

I really had a very positive week this week. First, I got a lot of stitching in on my BAP, Lobo. For the last two weeks I was able to get almost 1000 stitches in each week. My goal is 50 stitches per day (350/week), and the last two weeks I was able to get 950 stitches in each week! Very happy!

I've also gotten a good amount of work in on what I call my travel piece, Marriage Recipe. In fact, I have completed all the cross stitch and almost all the backstitch on the top half of the project. I probably need one more day of backstitching and then it's just the french knots, which I have decided to hold off on until the very end. Before I do them, I am going to spend a day practicing them. I think if I get good at them... and they come out the same from one to the next... I will hate them less. Who knows, maybe I will even like them!

Other positivity happened at work. I was able to get a good deal of work done, and my boss, who is usually very difficult to deal with, actually gave me a lot of credit and a lot of recognition for my abilities. We had a very frank conversation last week about perceptions of favoritism in our section. I think I was able to help her see how some of us were perceiving her relationship with one of our coworkers. I told her that while she may not be favoring her, since they are so close, no one feels comfortable telling her when this coworker is not pulling her weight, or is not following strict instructions the way the rest of us are expected to. So is she aware that this person is not working on the same level as the rest of us? Maybe not. Perhaps this person knows no one is going to say anything, so she isn't even trying as hard? And maybe none of that is happening, but because of their relationship, that is the perception and it leads to negativity.

It was not a comfortable position, but I took a leap of faith, and decided that if I spoke calmly, and rationally with factual references, and not with emotion, she would recognize what I was trying to say. And she did. She asked if there was something specific that has happened that lead me to believe she has treated this person differently. So I told her a very specific item. She was not happy, but I could tell it was not with me. She said, you need to trust me and tell me immediately when things like this happen.

Then the other people I work with told me that she gave them similar instructions. So, I honestly feel that whatever was going on in the past, may change going forward. And then, when she gave me recognition and compliments at our staff meeting, I really felt positive about the future. Hey, work is never going to be easy... and that is okay... as long as it is closer to being fair. So we will see how things turn out going forward.

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  1. Congrats on getting so much accomplished on Lobo! And how fantastic that a difficult situation at work appears to be coming out well!

    Marriage Recipe is looking very pretty! One thought for you (I seem to be saying this to everyone who is lamenting "ugh, French knots" in some fashion) - look up directions - youtube, maybe - on the Colonial knot. They take a bit more concentration to make, but imho are MUCH more consistent than French knots. Also, they do not have the tendency to flop over to one side that my French knots always had.

  2. Marriage Recipe is really looking great! Good luck with the work situation, I hope it works out for everyone involved.