Friday, December 19, 2014

I have become a crazy cross-stitch lady

Cross-stitch is just madness! When I decided to try cross-stitch to relax I thought I would get a project, finish it, get a new one. I clearly had no idea.

My first project was not going well, so I decided to join a cross-stitch forum. Well, that was a bad idea. The first thing I noticed was that all the people on the forum had signatures with a list of Works In Progress at the end. How can you have 5 works in progress? You start one, work on it, finish it, start the next...

So then I decided, well I guess I could have 2 WIP. One will be detailed and need the proper location, while the other will be easier, lower stitch count, and will be good for traveling to and from work.

Well, then I learned about Heaven and Earth Designs. Well, one of those is sooo big and sooo detailed that it will take sooo long, it can't be my only project. So three projects isn't really a big deal. I'll work on the HAED till I get bored then go back to my original project which after a year I had gotten bored of.

What's a Stitch A Long? Oh, how cool! Wouldn't it be cool to do one of those. Hmm, this one is nice, it is already started, but the pattern is so perfect for my cousin. I guess I could join and maybe work on it on the weekends. So I would have a work project, and a weekend travel project, and then the two big projects.

Oh look, a new SAL is starting for the new year. I could actually start right along with everyone else and see what it is really like to be in a SAL...

Holy Crap! That is five projects! How did this happen!!?


  1. Bwahahahahahahahah....resistance is futile! Welcome, my stitchy sister, to the wonderful, wacky, stitch and stash and stitch and stash some more world of cross stitch! :o)

  2. Funny how they cascade down on you isn't it? :) Looking forward to seeing more from your blog!

  3. Hi Desiree
    Welcome to the stitchworld
    This is only the beginning (haha )
    I hope you are gone be strong because there are a lot temptations in stitchworld
    Maybe a tip
    Join stitch from stash group ( new one starts in june but take a look at the web site from mel and see how other people dealing with stash )