Sunday, November 8, 2015

November is Here

Can anyone believe that it is November? Didn't we just start the year? I really do not know where the days are going. I have so many plans at the beginning of each month and then it's the end of the month and nothing got done. The only good thing about this month is that I feel like I got a few good hours of cross-stitching in here and there.

I did realize something pretty important. I can only start as many projects as I plan on rotating through regularly. After getting a week in on the Faces of Joan Elliott SAL in October, I couldn't forget about it. After I got a week in on the FOTM and the birth announcement, I couldn't resist doing another week on Faces. So now I have a three project rotation. And that is where I need to stay. I absolutely refuse to start anything else (unless it is a bib for a baby shower) until what I am working on now is done. Then I will decide if I am going to have a two project or three project rotation. But if I start something else, I'll have to add it in,,, and then nothing will ever get done.

I did get two weeks in on the Wild Rose FOTM, and I am pleased with the progress I made. I think I have to thank the nice weather we have been having here in New York. It has just been too nice to do stuff inside, so I've been spending as much time in the backyard as possible. And therefore, I'm getting a little more stitching time in.

The Joan Elliott birth announcement is also moving along well. Got one week in in October, and another this last week. As with the FOTM, I am pleased with the progress I've made.

And yes, I finally did get the top row of my HAED, Lobo, done. In fact, I have been so motivated that since this picture was taken, I got another 3,000 stitches done.

Plan for this month is to stick to my now three piece rotation and not add anything else to it. Let's just keep our fingers crossed.


  1. Great update, you made good progress on all of your wips
    I rotate 4 wips so every week a different one more is allso a no-go for me
    I recent joined a group of first haed stitchers will sent you the adres maybe something for you allso :)