Saturday, January 9, 2016

In Memory of Mom

I know I haven't posted an update for a while. The holidays really got in the way of life, but I thank heavens they did. Starting with my mom's birthday on Oct. 24th, I have wonderful memories. My husband and I took her to Resorts Casino. I gave her some money to play with, and I know she had a really good time. She even won a few dollars, and just generally had a good time. From there we took her to dinner at Vincent's Restaurant, which was a restaurant she had wanted to go to for the longest time and really enjoyed on a previous visit. They even remembered her and brought her a free desert for her birthday.

Thanksgiving I finally had the opportunity to have the family to the house. It was an ongoing sore issue for me, but things finally worked out that we were able to host, and I got to spend the day before hanging and preparing with my mom. The dinner itself was wonderful and my mom and I were happy that we were able to spend the time together as a family.

My cousin's birthday is a few days before Christmas, and each year she has a little get together. We all exchanged presents, and had a lovely dinner and just generally a wonderful evening with almost the whole family. We have a wonderful picture of my mom, me, Michael, and the birthday girl Jennifer.

Christmas we were able to spend a relaxing day with Michael's sister and nephews. Since Christmas was on Friday we didn't have to rush home. We took our time with the meal. We just sat after dinner and talked. No rush. Just laughs, love, and happiness.

On New Year's Day I didn't get my morning text from my mom. She had passed during the night. But I have all these wonderful memories of our last holiday season together.


  1. Hi Desiree
    My deepest condoleance
    I wish you a lot of strenght in this very difficult time
    I am glad you had a lot of nice moments at the end of your mums journey
    Heaven has a new angel now looking allways down on you
    Big hug

  2. Oh no.... My deepest condolences to you and your family.