Sunday, March 20, 2016

Feeling Really Proud

I have finally finished one of my finished projects! All by myself! I realize that most of you will not find this very impressive, but this was a really big accomplishment for me. I want to send out a huge Thank You to Needlework Tips & Techniques for the incredible instructions that made this possible. I know it's not perfect, and I have a ways to go, but for a first, I am really proud. I think my mom would have been pretty proud of me too.

I'm also pleased with my work on this week's project. I knew I was going to love this Flower of the Month with the beautiful blues, and I am so happy I decided to use a soft pink fabric. Because of my lack of finishing ability, I've not done anything with the previous six FOTMs and was planning on trying to finish all of them at the same time when all 12 were completed. But I may try to frame this one first since it is definitely my favorite so far. Should be able to finish it the next time it comes around in my rotation.

And last, but not least for this week, I've decided to join the Totally Useless SAL being sponsored by Daffycat. You can find the link here. So here is my March picture of my ORTs. I just recently emptied them, so I'll be able to watch their development along with everyone else!

Well, thanks for visiting! Feel free to leave a comment. I really enjoy them.


  1. Great job with the framing! It's very exciting to do that part yourself, partly because it saves sooo much money.

    I am also enjoying the beautiful blues! While I doubt it will be finished this month (especially as I still need to get four of the colors!) it's not quite as violet-y as I thought it'd be haha.

  2. What a lovely finish! Congrats! Finishing might be intimidating at first, but taken one step at a time, it's really not that hard.