Sunday, March 6, 2016

Moving On

Leaving my mom's apartment last week and handing in the keys turned out to be harder than expected. Even though I haven't lived there for 30 years, it wasn't just her apartment, it was still my home. That was where I grew up. Seeing it empty and walking out knowing it was no longer ours... I still can't put into words the feeling. For at least 40 years she would sit in her kitchen window at breakfast, lunch, and dinner and wave to her neighbors and the people in the building as they walked by, or entered or left the building. So many have told me they look up everyday, still expecting to see her. Others can no longer enter through 'the ramp' cause she isn't there. But the new people moving in won't even know she existed.

But I am trying to move on, and accept the changes in my life. But it's not easy. I'm never sure when a wave of sadness and loss is going to come over me.

I'm sticking with my stitching for the most part, which is bringing me some peace and relaxation. Since my last entry I worked on 12 Days of Christmas for another week, and then moved to the Faces of Joan Elliott SAL for the past week. I'm pleased with the progress I've made on both projects, and I'm more confident that I will finish them in time for Christmas and my cousin's birthday, respectively. The question still is will I be able to finish them off into pillows. But I think that will be a story for a future entry.

Hoping to finish this face this coming week (except for back-stiching and beading) and then spending another week with my July Flower of the Month. 

Thank you for visiting, and please post a comment! I really appreciate them.


  1. It's amazing how crafting can help bring peace. I know it's my go-to whenever things get overwhelming. It must be the productive focus.

    Your stitching looks lovely. Will you be tired of red after 12 Days? :) Love your kitty Q-snap cozy, just noticed that!

  2. Thought about working on the 12 Days till it was done, but worried that I would get so bored of red and green that I would stop and then not restart. That's why I decided to do a few weeks of Faces and FOTM.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!

  3. I'm so sorry for your losses of your mom and the apartment. I can't imagine how that would feel. We moved around so much when I was growing up that I never felt that kind of connection to a particular home. Your 12 days is beautiful. For some reason my computer isn't showing me the 2nd picture but maybe I'll be able to see it on another device. Stitching also helps me in times of stress. I guess it's the concentrating that helps push sad or anxious thoughts to the back of your mind for a little while.