Sunday, May 15, 2016

Only Six More Days!

We are at Day 644 of 650 of planning for my cousin Darlene's wedding. And the fun never ends. Now there are issues with the menu at the 'Rehearsal Dinner'. Since Darlene lives in Virginia she thought it would be nice to have a 'Southern BBQ' at her house the night before the wedding for all the people who are traveling to attend the wedding. Well, some people have sensitive stomachs and are refusing to attend. Really!? I am just so exhausted of hearing of all this ridiculousness. It's a wedding! It's supposed to be fun! Why aren't we having fun!?

Anyway, we will be leaving in 5 days, and I can't wait. We started packing last night. I still haven't decided which dress to wear but that is okay. I have room to bring both if I want to. The big decision really, is which cross-stitch project to bring. Because I am going to need something to keep me calm. I worked on The 12 Days of Christmas this week and I think I am going to bring it on the trip. It is progressing so quickly (at least in my eyes) that I just don't want to put it down. I'm excited to see how far I can get during the trip.

The other excitement in my life is that I brought my mom's sewing machine to the repair store, and they said it was in great shape. They recommended a basic tune-up and a few brushes needed to be replaced, but assured me that if I approved that work it could last another 150 years. Sounded like a good deal to me. Can't wait to get it back and start using it. I've found a few YouTube videos of how to wind the bobbin and how to thread for sewing. Also found the user's manual online. Plus, the woman at the repair store provides lessons, so if I can't figure something out from the videos and manual, I still have a fall-back.

Well, thank you for visiting. Don't hesitate to leave a comment. And please wish me luck this weekend at the wedding!

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  1. I think weddings are always a mixture of fun, arguments and anxiety. Just soak it all in?

    The 12 days piece seems perfect for use as stitch therapy!