Sunday, June 5, 2016

Stitchy Bug Left

I don't know why or what happened but my stitchy bug left me for a few days. Last Sunday I decided to work on a small and make my first ever greeting card. I made a card for our friends who are buying a new house using a pattern from World of Cross Stitch magazine.

Then I got my Flower of the Month  for July, which didn't need much more work to finish, and thought I would finish that early in the week,,, but I never put a stitch in until yesterday. I traveled to work and back with it everyday, but never opened it. I was right though, it didn't need much more work, and I was able to finish it yesterday while sitting in the backyard watching and listening to the birds.

Now I'm trying to decide what to stitch next that will keep my attention and my stitch bug happy. I should work on my Faces of Joan Elliott SAL, but I am definitely not feeling excited about that. I love the designs and I'm excited to give it to my cousin as a gift, but I'm working it on 14 count Aida, and I just wish I had had the confidence in myself at the time I started it to have purchased a 28 count material instead. I LOVE working over two on 28 count, and especially with all the quarter stitches I would be enjoying the stitching so much more with a higher count.

Well, I guess I will make the final decision a little later. Thanks for looking and please consider leaving a comment. Really enjoy hearing from you.

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