Sunday, August 14, 2016

Time Still Moving Too Fast for Me

Still not sure where the time is going! One thing I do know is I have lost some time this week with the Olympics. I guess I am still a child of the cold war, and the Olympics mean everything to me. I've been thinking a lot about watching them with my parents back in the '70s rooting for the USA and rooting against the USSR. It's actually been bringing back a lot of great memories of time spent with my father. He was the one who gave me my love of sports, and we spent the most time together either reading, talking about books, or watching sports.

When I have not been sitting glued to the TV I've been getting in a little work in on my Faces of Joan Elliott SAL. I really need to get this done. Was hoping to get this finished and made into a pillow for my cousin's birthday in November.I think if I stick with it for a few weeks in a row I might actually pull it off. If not, hopefully it will be ready for Christmas... maybe Valentine's Day.

I've also used another of my aperture cards for a birthday card for my 12-year old cousin. Thanks to Annie and Jo for the card making suggestions! I will definitely be looking at the sites suggested for future cards. This one is pretty basic and simple, but since my family knows my lack of creativity, I think they will be very impressed (ha, ha).

We were not scheduled to attend her birthday party, so I didn't have a card. We were supposed to go away for the weekend, but my husband threw his back out earlier this week. He wanted to go away anyway, but our plans were to go hiking, which would have been impossible. I'm actually glad we didn't go away since the heat and humidity has been so high this weekend, even if he was fine we would have been sitting in the hotel room. No way I could spend time outside in this weather. So we saved some money and went to a local museum instead... And watched the Olympics!

Well, thank you for visiting. Please leave a comment. Love reading them!


  1. I think your card looks lovely. Too much embellishment takes the attention from the stitching.
    I remember the year US boycotted the Russian Olympics and had their own. My little brother had the Russian Bear Mischa as a toy.
    The Faces SAL is looking good!

  2. The Sal piece looks good. Luckily, special occasions continue to occur so you can always change your completion date goal as needed!
    Great job on the card. Love the embellishments.

  3. Very nice stitching! Love the Birthday card and the embellishments.