Sunday, July 24, 2016

Where is the time going?

Wow, time has just been flying by. I feel like I blinked on July 1st and its almost August. Apparently, I totally missed last week :-( What the heck!

Anyway, I can happily report that I have finished my 12 Days of Christmas.

I am really happy with how it came out. And I'm looking forward to the temperatures going down, and my being able to start practicing with the sewing machine. Right as I finished, our temperatures (and humidity) skyrocketed. The sewing machine is in a non-airconditioned room, so it will have to cool off before I can start on that in earnest.

I finished mid-week and I decided to make a birthday card.

I really enjoyed making the Happy New Home card I made a few weeks ago, and now I am just obsessed with making cards! So, I decided to spend a week working on two more.

Also spent a bunch of time trying to find a good place to get aperture cards for finishing the cards off. So far I have only found Craft Creations with a nice selection. Would love someplace in the US, just to save on shipping, but it seems the US does not do crafts. Sad... Looked around Michael's yesterday considering the option of actually making the cards out of card stock... But I'm not sure I'm crafty, nor creative, enough for that. But hey, last year at this time I never would have been planning on sewing a pillow.

If you have any ideas for card making, or good online tutorials, please pass them along.

Thanks for visiting, and please consider leaving a comment or two. Love to read them all.


  1. Very nice stitching! Congrats on your finishes... both big and small. They look great.

  2. Well done on your finish. Beautiful stitching.

  3. Congratulations on your Happy Dance for the 12 Days. I completed all the stitching in time but not the finishing!

    Claire does a lot of card making, she's UK based but links up with various people who may be US based and could help. She makes some great cards anyway, well worth a look.

    1. Sorry I only now had time to look back on my post about suggestions for card making. Want to thank you for the link to Claire's Craft Creations. She does make a lot of cards, and I will definitely keep an eye on her blog for ideas. Appreciate your time!

  4. Not sure how I missed this post. Congrats on the 12 Days! Looks great.

    I know what you mean about finding aperture cards in th US. I just learned to make my own from card stock. Not a lot of fancy tools and maybe my finishes aren't so professional looking, but I'm happy with them. Next time you get a chance, search for cards on my blog or click on the keyword in my sidebar and you can see lots of ways to do this.

  5. Your blog is wonderful, I try to read it regularly. Admittedly, I had not seen all your wonderful cards. Thank you for pointing this out to me. I will definitely continue to check out all your ideas and lovely cards. They are wonderful! Thanks so much for your response.