Sunday, October 2, 2016

TUSAL and Unsuccessful Solo September

I am proud to announce that I actually took this picture of my ORTs on the New Moon! This is for Daffycat's TUSAL. I have been getting a good amount of stitching done this month, so my little boot is full, full, full! I decided to empty it after taking this picture so we will see how far I get filling it up again by the next new moon. My baggie has been added to as well, but it doesn't show as much. Not yet... it will. I have confidence! Ha!

Unfortunately, I do not have much confidence that I will finish my Faces of Joan Elliott SAL before the end of the year. :-( My original goal was to have this done and finished as a pillow for my cousin's November 4th birthday. Well, that is clearly not going to happen. I worked on this project for the first 25 days of the month as my Solo September project. I'm happy that the basic cross-stitch is done. But once I took it out of the Q snaps to move and start the backstitching... well, I just couldn't convince myself to finish off the month with it.

Instead I decided to make a little cupcake letter for a future birthday card. I think these designs are so cute, and making this small project just made me happy. That is what my stitching is supposed to do -- make me happy. Hopefully, the card I make with this will also make someone else happy. Planning to send it to my sister-in-law.

I thought about going back to the Faces...
another small for a card was in order. Got this adorable card kit with my subscription to World of Cross Stitch and decided I would make this into a birthday card for my cousin so I wouldn't feel so bad about not finishing the Faces. Maybe she will get the pillow for Christmas... more likely Valentine's Day. Oh well, I'm not going to beat myself up too badly over this. I use my cross stitch as a sedative, and it doesn't work as well if I'm not fully enjoying the project.

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  1. I love those faces. Hope you get the urge to continue with it soon. Very cute card designs. I'm about to do a cupcake piece myself. There rally are a lot of cupcake patterns to choose from!

  2. Your faces look close to being done. It looks great.