Sunday, September 18, 2016

Moving and Grooving through my Solo September

Once again a positive mixed with a negative. The negative is that my hubby had to spend the whole day helping a friend move. It was the right thing to do, but the weather was spectacular, and we weren't able to go anywhere or do anything fun. The positive is that I had a lot of time to stitch yesterday (and I did spend most of the day in the backyard stitching while watching the birds) so I've really been moving and grooving through my Solo September project.

I decided I would go through this face one color at a time, and I even tried to take a picture as each color was finished. Making it a little more fun to see the design develop.

As you can see, I haven't been totally successful getting a picture after each color...

...but here is a sampling of the progress I've been making this week.

I'm feeling good that I will have this face finished, or at least really close to being finished by this time next week.

With this getting somewhat close to being done, I've started thinking about the next project I'm going to begin working on. As much as I would like to go back to my Friendly Felines, I really think I need to start the wedding announcement for my friend who is planning a wedding for next summer. I gave him this card (I did add a little silver ribbon bow after taking this picture) and he started crying because I took the time to make him a card. Since I'm such a slow stitcher, if I don't start working on this now, it will not be ready in time. And based on his reaction to this silly little card, I think he will appreciate the wedding announcement.

Well, thank you so much for visiting. Please leave a comment or two. Love to read them!


  1. Nice progress on the faceless lady!

    Don't you just love it when someone really appreciates a stitched gift? They get how much work you put into it just for them? A definite candidate for a wedding announcement!

  2. I love these colour-by-colour photos, you can really see the design growing.
    How lovely to have a friend who appreciate your stitching too. Looking forward to seeing the design you choose to stitch.