Sunday, April 9, 2017

Hating the LIRR

Well, it's not really the LIRR I'm mad at. This week there was a major derailment on the tracks near Penn Station. Turns out Amtrak, who actually owns the tracks, knew that the tracks were in bad shape and needed repair, but decided to 'wait' before fixing them. Well, the derailment caused so much damage that it took all week to fix. This means that all week there were major delays getting in and home. The trains were crowded because of all the cancelled trains, which meant there was not enough room to stitch during my commute. Then by the time we got home, I was just too exhausted to stitch. So, I have made practically no progress on my Felines.

Having said that, I still think I will have time to finish it before the end of the month. Also didn't get much done on Lobo, but again, trying to remain positive, I had some extra time last night so I almost hit 350 stitches for the week, which was my minimum goal of 50 stitches/night.

With that, it's time to reset and start the new week with a goal of getting as much stitching done as possible. If something gets in the way... well, there's always tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Hopefully you'll get chance to stitch on the trains this week. I am sure you will meet your targets despite the setback and they will look amazing.

  2. Hope this week has been better for you and you are getting a chance to stitch this week.