Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Feeling Very Crafty

Now for those of you who are crafters, try not to laugh too hard. I am so impressed by so many of you and a few of my other friends who are DYIers and make presents, etc. that I decided I would try the same. I thought I would start by making some greeting cards with my small stitching projects. Then I thought, how about turning some of my smalls into sachets. Watched a bunch of YouTube videos, and...

I feel really proud of these little sachets, but I really feel good about my sewing. I noticed today that I am keeping the seams much straighter than previously. The only thing I'm still having trouble with is the start and end of each seam. When I go in reverse, to secure the ends, I seem to cause some tightening and bunching of the stitches. I'll figure it out.

I was also able work on the fifth of my Mouse Cards.

Not a bad week for me.

Thank you for visiting!

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