Saturday, September 8, 2018

Labor Day Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a lovely Labor Day Weekend and got some great stitching in. I definitely enjoyed the weekend. Saturday we decided to do all the shopping and chores that had to be done so we could focus on enjoying the rest of the weekend. That plan worked wonderfully. We got everything done, and early enough so I got to spend a few hours at the end of the day on my HAED, Lobo. This is where I ended the evening on Saturday. Since then I've worked on it every evening for about 1 hour. I finished off the column I was working on and I am approaching a page finish. Maybe tonight? Not sure how much time I will have available, but my fingers are crossed. Page finishes are so exciting!

Sunday we had a date day. We started at the mall doing some shopping that both of us needed to do, but in a fun and relaxed setting. From there we went to Harbor Head Brewery. I enjoyed a flight of four beers sitting in the outdoor patio. It was so nice finally being able to spend some time outside without melting from the high heat and humidity. We decided to do what it appeared everyone else at the brewery was doing, and walked across the street to a local restaurant where we had some very excellent burgers and delicious fries. And then home for some stitchy time in the backyard. I was happy to finish Katie Kitty!

Monday we agreed to do nothing but relax. We watched a movie, took a nap, and I got a start on Peter Polar Bear. And from there, unfortunately, things went downhill. Work was horrible! I don't know why, when we are preparing for a big inspection, the leaders think it is a good time for 'bonus projects'. This go around is it signage... We need new signs... They look old and the wording could be improved... Hello! We had three years to work on this, why are we starting it one month before the inspection?!! Who does this make sense to. Not the people running around preparing and posting the signs! So, not much more got done on Peter. There was no early morning before work stitching and no lunchtime stitching. Not good for Peter nor my stress levels.

But now it is the weekend and it is time to regroup. I got home late since I had a hair appointment (which was desperately needed) but I still took out Witches Wheel by Glendon Place and got about 2 hours in before bed. I was very excited to place it in my new project bag from Evertote. Isn't it gorgeous? I have another one on order that I hope will arrive next week. Tonight the goal is to spend two hours on Lobo, since it is #BAPSaturday, and then as much time on Witches Wheel as possible before bed. I am hoping to get this done before Halloween next year. I think it is a reasonable goal, but I refuse to stress over it. If it doesn't get done, it will be done for Halloween 2020.

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