Sunday, February 7, 2016

Start of 2016 Stitching

I've been finding it hard to get really motivated about my stitching this month. I've kind of been finding it hard to get motivated to do anything really. We've been spending all our weekends at my mother's apartment, trying to empty it out before the end of this month. That's when her lease runs out and we have to get out. It's weird that she never renewed it. She was always so careful about thing like that. But it seems on some level she just knew she wouldn't be around.

It's been hard going through her things. It was where I was born and grew up. She was there for more than 50 years. Everywhere you look there is a memory. I've taken a lot of stuff home, but I don't really want it, just can't get rid of it yet. And then when I get home, I don't want to do anything. But we are almost done, and hopefully, once the apartment is empty, and I have some time to relax I will get back to my old patterns of stitching. I miss it because it really does relax me. Just not much relaxing me these days.

But I have gotten a little bit done this month. I am happy to report that I have finally finished the Joan Elliott Birth Announcement I was working on for my friend. She is having the Christening in New Jersey at the end of the month, and if the apartment is empty and we can spare the time, we are invited. I would love to give her the birth announcement as part of the gift. I have everything I need, I just have to wash and press and get it in the frame. I need to spend a lot of time improving my french knotting, but otherwise I am really happy with how it came out.

I'm not ready to get back into a real rotation, but I decided I would work on the July Flower of the Month for the next week, maybe two, or maybe even until it is done. I'll see how I feel at the end of the week, and make my decision then.

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  1. Don't push yourself. Take it home, let it sit, relax, and come back to it. It is 3.5 years and my mom and I are still going through stuff. enjoy the small moments like cross stitching!