Sunday, February 21, 2016

Finally a Weekend to Relax

My mom's apartment is almost completely empty and we are almost ready to hand over the keys. I'm glad we are almost done. It's been a long two months, going there every Saturday and Sunday, going through all of her stuff, trying to decide what to keep, what to sell, what to donate, and what to trash. The trashing was the hardest. It was her stuff.., her life... how can it be trash? But we couldn't keep it all. But as much as I look forward to not going to the apartment every weekend, seeing it empty, and realizing that in just a few more days it will no longer be hers... She will be completely gone... Like she was never there... Someone else will move in, and never even know she was ever there. Do I need to say, I'm not sleeping well lately?

I know she lives on in the people she touched, and she touched so many people. She also lives on in the memory of so many of my friends who she made baby blankets for. I think that is what is making me so obsessed with picking projects as gifts for people, over working on projects for myself. I was hoping to finish the Flower of the Month this year, get them all framed, and start putting them up in 2017, but I've decided to put more of my stitching time into some projects that I want to use as gifts.

So this past week I've worked on the 12 Days of Christmas SAL which I want to gift to my sister and brother in law. Since I don't have that much stitching time available, and I'm still a pretty slow stitcher, I've decided that this and Faces of Joan Elliott SAL (also planning to give as a gift) will get two weeks per rotation visit, and the FOTM will only get one week.

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  1. I have those same kinds of memories with respect to my Mom's things. It's a difficult time. The 12 Days is such a nice piece. It will make a great gift.
    Thanks for visiting my blog!