Sunday, July 10, 2016

Need A Finish - Need Something Happy

This week has been really difficult. So many horrible things happening. So much hatred. It makes me so sad. It makes me so confused. I just don't understand and it causes me so much heartache. I almost feel guilty posting about my stitching, but my stitching is practically the only thing that is making me happy.

And even my stitching is letting me down. The finish of my 12 Days of Christmas still alludes me. The trains are still very crowded, not providing me the opportunity to stitch on the way to work, and this week, train delays even wiped out my train stitching on the way home. Work has been crazy so although I got a little stitching done in the morning before starting work, I have not had time to take a full lunch so there has been no lunchtime stitching.

So, although I was able to finish the Eleventh Day...

a project finish still eludes me. I'm about halfway done with the Twelfth Day, so I feel confident that I can finish the day and the project this week. I've really enjoyed this project, but it's time for a finish.

Once I do finish this, I want to get back to the Faces of Joan Elliott SAL and finish that. Then I need to decide what's next. Definitely want to make some more cards. I really love the Happy New Home one I made and I really started to like the idea of giving homemade cards.

But for right now I just need to finish the 12 Days. Wish me luck!

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  1. It's just as bad here in the UK! At least our stitching world is a safe haven.
    Love the progress on the 12 Days. I still haven't decided how to finish mine yet.

  2. Yeah.. we all need stitch therapy these days. You are so close to completing that pretty piece. That should at least help you through all the bad stuff going on.

  3. It is a shame there is so many atrocities taking place in the world and it is always sad to hear of innocent lives being wasted.

    Persevere and you will soon finish your twelve days of Christmas whcih is looking wonderful.