Sunday, September 11, 2016

15 Years

Hard to believe the 9/11 attack was 15 years ago. It still feels so fresh and raw. This is always a hard day for my husband, Michael. He was at the WTC when the planes hit the towers, and saw things no one should ever have to see. Every year we go to one of the memorials, and just spend some quiet time. It helps in the healing, but I'm not sure he will ever fully heal.

We started at Eisenhower Park, on Long Island, NY. Not good for healing. In spite of there being a memorial there, with two pieces of steel from the WTC, there was no sign of any type of ceremony being conducted. Not even a plastic wreath. Michael was very upset.

So we went to Point Lookout, where they always have a ceremony, and they did not disappoint. Michael felt better, especially when we saw some people there whom we saw at Eisenhower. They too were upset about the lack of a sign of remembrance at Eisenhower. We spoke for a few minutes and it felt better that there are still people who care and will travel for an opportunity to show their continued love and support for those lost, and who lost loved ones.

A not so pleasant day to end the weekend with, but a pleasant weekend. Michael and I both took Friday off. It was very hot, so we did a bunch of shopping, and then spent the day watching TV (and stitching).

Yesterday we decided to go for a walk in spite of the incredible heat. It was in the 90s with high humidity, but we found a park with shady trails and did a 3.7 mile hike. From the hike we went to a local brewery, Moustache Brewing Co., for a tasty flight, and then to a local restaurant, Senior Taco, for a tasty dinner. Finally, back home for TV and more stitching.

Took this picture this morning, but now, I am happy to report I have finished this square. This means I am only one square away from being done with the cross-stitching part of this project. Then I just need to wash, do the cross-stitching with the metallic thread, do all the back-stitching, and add the beads. OMG, when I list it out like that, I feel like I will NEVER finish!

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  1. I dont think our generation will ever be able to forget. I can still remember exactly what I was doing here in the UK on that day as it was being reported on our TVs.

    Your stitching looks beautiful.