Sunday, September 4, 2016

Solo September and TUSAL

I am excited to take part in Justine's Solo September SAL. I have been working on the Faces of Joan Elliott SAL for almost a year, and while I think it is very pretty, I am not enjoying it right now. In fact, I know if I stop working on it I may never finish it. Fairies are not my thing. I decided to make it for my cousin, so I was enjoying it for a while, but now that I am so upset with her, I am finding it less and less fun. So, if I commit to working on this project as my Solo September piece, I think I have a good chance of finishing it and not throwing it away.

I don't think I have ever worked on any project for a whole month so even though I am not loving this project, I am excited to see how far I get. This is where I am today. Just this square and two more to go. Then the all the backstitching and all the beading.

I thought I would finish this square today, but happily that is not the case. Happily? Well, I thought we would be trapped in our house because of Tropical Storm Hermine, but the weather was actually beautiful today. I hope this means that fewer people will suffer flooding, etc. For us, it meant we were able to enjoy a nice walk in the park. About to start watching a movie, so I still might get the x-stitching done before bed.

And here are my two ORTs for Daffycat's TUSAL.

The glass boot is what I use when I'm sitting in the living room watching TV. The little plastic bag is what I use everywhere else; on the train, in the backyard, during lunch at work, in the car. I hope one day it will be totally full. Wouldn't that be something?

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