Sunday, March 5, 2017

Just a Quick Update

Finally finished off another few cats and mice on my Friendly Felines.

Improvements to the mass transit system  are enabling me to get home earlier which is a great thing. The unfortunate side effect, however, is that I end up on a more crowded LIRR train, and I need to transfer. So the daily 45 minutes of 'travel' stitching I was getting into this project is not daily anymore. I have to take a moment and figure out how to regain at least some of that stitchy time.

I also lost an evening of stitching on Lobo this week, but also for a good reason. My cousin asked me to come see her swim meet against the team's main rival. She wanted us to bring the team good luck. So, of course, we changed all our plans to be there. The experience reminded me why I didn't have children -- Ha, ha! We had to wait in the cold for 30 minutes before we could stampede into the pool area and push and shove to get a seat. The girls' screaming was deafening, so some of the mothers actually bring earplugs! Holy @#$%! This is fun? But she swam great in her leg of her race and her team won. Then the team won the meet which was the first time her team won against this team since she has been swimming.

From there the whole team met up at a local ice cream shop. Did I mention small ice cream shop. Still screaming! OMG!! Yes, we promised we would be at the championships... We love her! At least that will be in a bigger facility.

Well, that was my week. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Your cats are adorable!

    Isn't it funny how we look at everything from the point of view of how it affects our stitching time! We're all a little nuts I think!

  2. Great work on your cats.
    I do wonder why some girls scream so much? Especially in an echoey place like a swimming pool! Glad they won though, just make sure you take the ear plugs next time!

  3. Your cats look great and yes, you will have to look at how to "steal" more stitchy time. You know that now they have won with you there you will have to go to ALL future swim meets. lol!

  4. Your kitty WIP is adorable. Kudos to you for supporting the girls :) I've done my share of it over the years even though I don't have kids either.