Sunday, February 26, 2017

February WIPocalypse and TUSAL Updates

Good Morning! So it's time for the WIPocalypse SAL, TUSAL, and Smalls SAL Updates. As you might guess from the title of my post, I have not completed this month's small project. In fact, I have totally failed and I haven't even started it! Ha, ha! Oh well, there is always next month.

I did, however, get a lot of work done on my BAP, Lobo, for the WIPocalypse SAL hosted by Measi. You can find more information here. My goal for the year is to get at least 50 stitches in a day. Well, a number of things (including a great weekend away) stopped me from working on this everyday, but in the days I did work on it I was able to get almost 2000 stitches in! So, I'm actually very happy with my progress.

Here's where I started...

And here is where I left off last night...

So glad I  have started working on this again! It's slow going, but I see the progress and it is making me happy.

Since I have been working on Lobo, my collection of ORTs has grown. I've also gotten in a few hours of stitching while watching TV, therefore, that collection has grown a little too. So, here is this month's entry to the TUSAL. This is a fun SAL hosted by Daffycat which you can get more information about here.

I've also gotten some work done on my Friendly Felines. My goal is to complete the stitching on this by the end of March. Not sure if I will meet that goal, especially since we are taking a week long trip to Florida during the month, and I'm thinking there will not be a minute available for stitching during that trip. But it's good having a goal.. so that's mine for March.

In non-stitching news, we spent a wonderful day with an old colleague and current friend. We had breakfast at our favorite diner, the Mineola Diner... So happy we found this place when we moved to Long Island...

Then we went to Fire Island...

 in hopes of seeing some deer...

Then off to a local craft brewery for a flight...

And finally a sushi dinner, which was so good I forgot to take a picture. Ha ha.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Great progress this month and your diner breakfast looks delicious!

  2. 2000 stitches is great going! The day out looks like fun too.

  3. Lobo is going to be so gorgeous! Looks like a fun day out with the ladies, that kind of day is always enjoyable.

  4. That is an amazing WIP! I look forward to seeing its progress.