Saturday, February 11, 2017

Forcing Myself to be Positive

So although I have been trying to focus on the positive, over the last two weeks I have been unsuccessful, and have allowed the negative to cloud out the positive. Yesterday was an extremely hard day, and I really sunk into a depressed state. By the time I got home, I just sat and cried.

I want to send a big shout out to Jo from Serendipitous Stitching for reminding me of my goal to be positive every day.  Truth is, there is always something that happens during the day that makes me smile and feel good, and I just need to work a little harder to focus on that and have that be the moment of the day I go home with.

So, although I am still feeling a little disheartened, I spent some time thinking about positive moments that happened over the last few days.

1- Yesterday, when I was feeling the saddest in the morning I went into a diner to get some breakfast. A total stranger looked at me and complimented my hair. She told me it was wonderful that I let the natural grey color shine, and the style was very complimentary. I remember that it made me feel happy, and it reminded me that although I sometimes think we have all sunk into a "Me, Myself, and I" society, sometimes people do step out and do/say something friendly.

2- I started a low carb diet two years ago and lost a lot of weight. At the start I never set a goal weight, I just wanted to feel better. I feel great! I don't really care if I lose more weight at this point. A dear friend and I started getting to the gym twice a week. We have a goal of three times a week when life allows. I got on the scale this morning, not expecting anything... just my monthly check... and I lost another pound.

3- My mom knitted and crocheted and when she passed so many people told me that they would always remember her because of the blanket/sweater/etc she made them. It gave me some solace that she would not just be forgotten. So I made a goal to try to stitch something for all the people I care about in hopes that when I go, I will not just be forgotten. The first thing I made was the 12 Days of Christmas pillow for my sister-in-law (she's really like the sister I never had). She sent me a thank you and told me that every day she looks at that pillow and it makes her think of me and my mom, and that makes her smile. After I stopped crying, it made me smile too :-)

Thanks again Jo, for getting me back on track!


  1. Glad you're able to find things that are positive. I've always told people the same thing... no matter how bad things may seem, there's always something positive to be grateful for. The things you wrote are wonderful. :)

  2. Oh! I have only just seen this post! I am so far behind again but catching up.
    I am so pleased that I was able to help you feel a little bit more positive.