Thursday, February 16, 2017


I want to share a few of my happy moments that have occurred over the last few day. A co-worker asked me to lunch to 'discuss some things.' She told me that she was voicing concerns with another co-worker, and was told, "You should talk to Desiree. You can trust Desiree. Everyone trusts Desiree." I was so happy to know that people do realize they can trust me.

Yesterday, the LIRR train was very crowded again. I try not to always disturb the same person when I get on. Let one guy have the two seater to himself one day, let the other guy have the two seater to himself the next day. But as I was walking past guy #1, he reached out, grabbed my bag, and pulled me to sit next to him.

And the last happy moment of the last few days was a really positive interaction with my boss. Too long to get into, but she was really nice, wanted to explain her actions, and complimented me along the way.

Well, now we are off to a long weekend away. Unfortunately, we have to start with a funeral tomorrow, but after that it is three days in Lancaster, PA! Let the relaxation begin!


  1. I love how you are finding lots of positive things to remember at the end of each day. I think it is important for people to focus on the positive rather than all the negativity that happens on a day to day basis, makes the world a much happier place!

  2. Being trusted is a huge compliment, I think that is a lovely thing to say about someone.
    It is definitely something I aim for, to be the person people trust for advice and to support them too.
    Hope the funeral went OK. Never an easy thing to do but very necessary for the family and close friends.