Sunday, February 5, 2017

When the Hubby is Sick...

... the wifey will stitch.

My goal of stitching one hour a day on Lobo and getting a minimum of 50 stitches in has been going pretty well. This week, however, I was concerned because the upcoming portion of the pattern was confetti to the max! On Monday I just got in my 50 stitches. But then the DH got sick. He went to sleep early each night so I got more than one hour to stitch, and as a result I averaged 100 stitches per night for a total of 700 this week. Plus, I hit another page finish!

Unfortunately, my travel piece, Friendly Felines, did not get as much time in as I would have liked. The trains have been crowded, resulting in fewer stitching days. But I've still made some progress, and still moving toward a finish, hopefully by the end of this month.

In other news, two of my co-workers appear to be planning weddings. They have both been quite challenging relationships. My dear office mate had a very painful January working out traditional customs vs her western ways with her parents, but in the end the situation has turned out rather well, and I have high hopes for happiness in her future.

Over the years my other co-worker has gone through many boyfriends who just did not work out for numerous reasons. It does appear, however, that she has found a keeper, and he informed her he was going to ask her father for permission to ask her to marry him.

All very exciting, but now I need to find and start working on some wedding announcements. I have one picked out that I was going to make for another friend, but I'm just not convinced that relationship is going to last. So I'm going to focus on the ones I have more confidence in. As soon a Friendly Felines is done, I am starting this for my office mate.

Thanks so much for visiting!


  1. Great progress on Lobo! Hope your husband is feeling better.

  2. I am really enjoying the positive posts you have been making this month.
    Great progress on Lobo.
    Thinking about the wedding samplers reminded me of the beautiful Lavender & Lace bride I stitched for someone who divorced after only two years.

    1. Thanks for setting me back on track with my goal of positivity. Really needed this reminder this week! Lots of love going your way!