Sunday, January 15, 2017

Doing Better Each Day

This week was interesting in terms of stitching success. The hubby had to work late so I was on my own for the trip home each night. The new subway line enabled me to get to the LIRR and home about 30 minutes faster than normal which was a wonderful thing, but since I had to transfer trains and the train is more crowded, I didn't get my evening train ride stitching in. I still managed to get a few strands in each night though.

In terms of stitching on my BAP Lobo - total success! I got in at least 1 hour of stitching each evening which resulted in a minimum of 60 stitches per night. A huge success for me since I am a slow stitcher. Not going to post a picture until the next WIPocalypse post, though.

With respect to my positivity, I may only be posting every other night, but I am finding something that makes me happy every day. Yesterday my happiness was found cooking. I actually love to cook and just wish I had more time so I didn't feel rushed. That is what tends to make it a dreaded task instead of an enjoyed activity. Yesterday I had the whole day to cook and I made two of my favorite dishes that also happen to be the hubbies favorites -- Arroz con Pollo and Chili con Carne. We have lunch for the coming week and then some!

Today happiness came at the gym. Just our second visit. But a woman who saw us on the elliptical and then saw us do the 30 minute workout circuit complimented us on our stamina! I don't feel like I'm in very good shape, but I'm trying, and able to do more than others, and more than yesterday. She really helped me see the positive.

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  1. Your stitching looks great, very nice Xs. Good luck at the gym, you have the right attitude so I am sure you will succeed.